Ben Berry

Serving as a strategic technology leader, Ben Berry is a professional with performance-based leadership and knowledge of diverse private and public sector business and technology systems. He is the Executive Vice President of Information Technology and CIO for the federal government’s Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). The power generated on BPA's electric grid is sold to public utilities, private utilities, and industry on the grid.

He has led technology for large-scale organizations with diverse missions. He is the founder of AirShip Technologies Group, a company dedicated to clean tech, long flight endurance unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). Check out their website: He has also held various senior leadership technology positions serving the Royal Saudi Air Force, Kingdom of Saudi Arabian International Airports, and Hughes Aircraft Company - Los Angeles.

 The AirShip Endurance V1 VTOL drone will be on display at the event! Start coming up with your questions for Ben now, you’ll be able to ask them at the banquet!

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